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And yet ANOTHER ring around the trunk

May. 17th, 2016 | 03:55 pm

Jeepers creepers, it seems only yesterday I turned 48 and now I'm already 49! The funny thing about getting to this age is everyone keeps talking about my 50th! Hang on guys, let me get through THIS year first! LOL

So what's been happening in the past year? Well let's have a looksee.

There's no surprise to learn I'm still a part of Star Walking where we finally got to see The Force Awakens last year which was great for our club.

For myself I'm still editing the newsletter and diligently churning out an issue each month. With that in mind, we reached number 100 back in February and that particular issue I was quite proud of.

Next to that we started our Star Talking podcast which has been a bit of fun to do.

Other than that I'm still hanging out at Austrek and visiting the MSFC now that they've moved to monthly meetings.

Unfortunately the latter half of last year saw a bit of turmoil around the fan club scene which cost a couple of really good friendships. Though the dust has now settled on the kerfuffle and everything is now back to normal, the really sad part is it was all for nothing.

On the plus side though, Con 80 is still building up interest which is great to see. Being my final convention which I'm in charge of, it will be sad to see it come to an end, but I'll also be relieved too (providing it's a success).

No real changes here, though I'm certainly struggling trying to work out what to do next after I leave.

Everything is fantastic here, we finally got all the additional electrical work finished in the house which means we now have a BBQ under the pergola (electrical one). In all my home life with Lynne and Lulu is fantastic.

In Summary
I have to say that my last year was good but nothing really to write home about, especially compared to previous years.

Sure I did things like go on another cruise which was great, but next to that I really can't think of much else to report. Who knows, maybe that's a good thing because it means there aren't any sagas or headaches in my life, but it also means I'm kinda boring too ... which could be a sign of old age LOL

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