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In the words of C-3PO "here we go again"

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Dec. 13th, 2013 | 08:22 am

OK the next cruise is now booked and the deposit paid - no mucking around here. We've opted to do a 13 night trip around the South Pacific (Vanuatu and those island areas) as the price is affordable to us. As it turns out we'll be on the same ship as the NZ cruise but unfortunately our room was already taken so we've opted to have the room next door.

Chances are this will be our last trip for a while because with all the sagas happening in the car industry (and yes I'm expecting Toyota to be hit hard), we'll have to keep an eye on our pennies for the next few years until we know where things are going.

On a more pleasing note, I've finally finished jotting down all the random details for my fandom memoirs and are now starting to write everything up properly to make it more readable. Currently at 135 pages I've just finished my time leading up to joining fandom and have nearly finished the history of Starforce Theatre Group as experienced by me.

Pretty soon I'll be starting on my time with Austrek and considering I've been in the club for almost 30 years, that should be a bit of fun to do.

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