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A new year = new plans

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Jan. 6th, 2014 | 03:00 pm

Like most people, I've had a look at 2014 and worked out what will be occurring this year - or at least what's planned.

Obviously we have the cruise to Vanuatu in October so that's already taken care of, but the next big ticket item is tackling the backyard landscaping. This weekend we'll paint the fence and from there we'll call in our landscaper to see what can be done with our yard. Unfortunately our budget won't allow us to finish it entirely but it should make it far more presentable than how it is now.

Con 70 will officially kick off promotions this year which should be good for us, if all goes well it'll be just as successful as Con 9 and fortunately the interest generated by the convention so far has been very positive.

My fandom memoirs are still rocking along. I've completed my history of Austrek but need to raid the big Library Archives in the city where all the old Captain's Logs are stored just to clarify some points and dates. Otherwise it's been a great trip going down memory lane even if it's a road I'm walking down alone.

Despite my best intentions last year I'm giving up the gym again. But knowing I HAVE to do some exercise I've opted to take up walking which though somewhat tedious isn't too bad thanks to an iPod Nano I bought last year which helps pass the time when trudging along. I also have some other plans regarding extra exercise so it'll be interesting to see if they come to fruition.

So things are going quite well which is a nice feeling, also Lynne and myself are going great guns after seven years together and I have to say she makes me very happy and we do make a pretty good couple.

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from: bekytg
date: Feb. 24th, 2014 02:37 am (UTC)

You and Lynne make a fantastic couple. xxx

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