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Well we're off and running

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Mar. 31st, 2014 | 08:49 am

As most of you will know by now, we kicked off Con 70 last week. Once again we're competiting against the Procons and the Pop Culture Expos by running an event that doesn't have any Guests of Honour, isn't commercialised and is designed to have a great atmosphere.

Fortunately we've got the shoulders of Con 9 From Outer Space to stand on, so the response to Con 70 has been really good. Looking around the place it's clear we're definitely a small fish in a big sea considering we are running the only fan based media convention around, plus having a convention these days with no guests (therefore no expensive autographs and photos) could almost be considered sacriledge!

It's funny because there are people out there who cry for the days of Multiverse and the enjoyment those fan based conventions brought to their lives. Well we aren't Muliverse but we sure are the next best thing. In any event be sure to wish us luck.

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