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Holy moly, surely not ANOTHER ring around the trunk!

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May. 13th, 2014 | 07:36 pm

Well it's my birthday again today and as is the tradition I'm keen to look back over the past 12 months to see what I've been up to. Like most people in this situation it's easy to think you haven't done much but the reality could be totally different.

So from May 13 last year to today, what have I achieved in that time:
* Conceived and launched Con 70
* Rejoined the Star Walking committee and became editor of the newsletter
* Had the pergola put up in the backyard of the house
* Had all the backyard landscaped in the house thus completing all the external house work
* Had special downlights installed in the house
* Enjoyed my first cruise to NZ with Lynne
* Lost some weight and got back into exercising
* Stayed off drinking soft drink, I've also cut down the chocolate too
* Notched up 25 years working for Toyota
* Achieved a dream by sitting in a Ferrari and a Lamborghini
* Finally got around going to the state library to look up the old Captain's Logs for my fandom memoirs (actually this occurred today).

For the most part my life these days runs via little squirts of activity as I'm nowhere near as socially active as I used to be, in fact I'm quite happy to have a quiet weekend at home rather than feeling the need to be out and about all the time. As a consequence the listing above may not be as long compared to my glory days, but I'm still pretty pleased with the achievements because it means I'm still going upwards. :)

Here's to another year of Daggy excitement!

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