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Rediscovering the past

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May. 21st, 2014 | 01:08 pm

As I've reported previously, I've been writing my fandom memoirs over the past year or two and one of the things I always wanted to do was go through all the old Captain's Logs to clarify some dates and events.

It took me a long time to get around to it, but last week I went to the State Library to review all the old Captain's Logs ranging from 1979 to 2000. Fortunately they were all in the state library archives in Ballarat and they gave me one week to do all my work with them.

Though I didn't go through every single issue, the experience really was quite remarkable. I was reading about fan events I'd attended as if they only occurred last week yet happened 25+ years ago. I saw names of people who have been away from fandom for so long that everyone has forgotten they even existed. I saw ads for social events I doubt anyone remembers, plus I even saw articles even I had written but have long since forgotten.

But most important of all is that I got relive the history of those times: This was the era of typewritten pages, photocopied pictures, and even handwritten comments on occasions. Plus I got to see first hand the devoted passion everyone had for both Star Trek and Austrek.

It brought back a lot of memories and did wonders for my memoirs and helped clear up my own past. I was certain I joined Austrek in September 1984 whereas it was actually November 1984. Then I thought my first club meeting was October 1984 whereas it was actually January 1985.

Although I found a lot of the material fascinating to read through, it did make me realise just how much of this history is forgotten by everyone involved. Looking at the archive boxes I realised they contained a history no one cares about, no one except myself and that made me a little sad, but by the same token I understand it doesn't interest everyone.

The biggest spin out of all is when a few months back someone at a Geoffro party mentioned the Star Trek 30th anniversary banquet held in 1996 in Heidelberg - which I thought didn't actually exist. When I discovered through the Logs that it really did happen I assumed I hadn't attended because I don't remember anything about it at all - nothing whatsoever. Yet sure enough in a Captain's Log there were photos of the event and included was a picture of me standing there with Katharine! WTF! Not only that but the review of the event was written by Katharine and myself too! Far out, how on earth can someone forget something like that!

Thank the Lords of Kobol I have these memoirs to refer too, though now they're gonna need a LOT of retyping!

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from: man_of_the_west
date: May. 27th, 2014 02:02 am (UTC)

They're in Ballarat??

So *that* explains why so many former Austrekkers have chosen to live there :-p

Good to know they are available though, in case I ever feel the need to go through them myself....I *did* keep the ones I had for the five years I was in, but, got rid of them a few years later as they were taking up space :-(

One wonders if other such Newsletters have made their way to those Archives as well, like the Communicator from ENTERPRISE, or the THREADS one, for example....or indeed....Ethel The Aardvark or PlayBeing, as I daresay there might be some interest in those if the Fans knew they were there (or, more to the point, they were in a more convenient place, like State Library Melbourne) :-)

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(no subject)

from: the_dags
date: May. 27th, 2014 10:51 am (UTC)

Actually some of them are.

All of The Communicators, bar issue 1 for some reason, are there along with all the Sonic Screwdrivers from the first issue. I didn't look for the others, but all you have to do is go to the Collections section of the State Library online database and do a search.

As for them being stored in Ballarat, maybe you're right in that all the old fart fans are out there 'cause they feel a sub conscious desire to be near these old issues LOLOL

Personally I too am glad a record of our fan history still exists, and yes I even saw a couple of your articles and letters too in the Log during my search : )

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(no subject)

from: kaths
date: Aug. 24th, 2014 01:11 am (UTC)

Yep, I remember that one! Jeremy was there too in blue dress uniform I think. And Mike the Magician did a little turn, which included pretending to stab Derek in the throat! Weirdly, I came across that photo yesterday when looking through some old photo albums...

PS first time looking at LJ in a few years :)

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