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A quick Daggy update

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Jul. 24th, 2014 | 08:52 am

Everything seems to be choofing along quite well at the moment, but here's a quick rundown on where things are at

After the closure announcement in January, everything seems to have settled down. Although Manufacturing is shutting in 2017 for ourselves we learn our fate at the end of the year. So I guess the nerves for everyone will start to build up once December arrives. For now though everything is fine.

I've been back with Star Walking for almost a year now and we're finally seeing an increase of interest in the club what with the new movies and TV show being in production. On top of that I'm also the editor of the club's newsletter and starting in October it becomes a digital only publication which is something I've pushed heavily for. Yep, The Force is going to be a monthly all-colour PDF production!

Considering the Disney Star Wars train is only going to increase from here, I suspect I'll be around in the club for another decade at least if all goes well.

As tragic as it might sound, I really do enjoy allowing my nerdy side to run free when talking about Star Wars and the newsletter has beena good outlet for this.

Con 70:
Word of the con's existence is now getting around which is good to see, still if it's like Con 9 then it probably won't hit top gear until next year sometime. From an organisational perspective it's running smoothly which is great news and I must say my team has been really supportive in this regard.

It would be nice to have a few more memberships but I know it's still early days. As a baseline, Con 9 had 80 confirmed memberships the day before the con started so I'm hoping with Con 70 that this record will be broken.

No updates here since the landscaping was done and the 'skylights' went in. There are still some things to do but nothing that's a high priority.

Yeah I'm doing pretty good. I've lost most of the excessive weight I'd been carrying around for a couple of years, even though the extra beef around the waist just will not go away (you can thank genetics and my age for that). Fortunately I'm over the heavy chocolate endulgence I experienced when Lynne first joined Cadbury - though I do have a little each night - and have balanced my evening meals out as well.

It's also been over a year since I had any soft drink (I haven't even been tempted to touch it) and I'm eating more fruit these days as well.

This weekend we take delivery of an exercise bike, though I would've preferred a treadmill but we just don't have any space for it which is a pity. Now I freely admit that I despise exercise bikes, however, I acknowledge they can help with cardio and for that reason alone I'm ready to start using it because cardio is one area where I have been slacking off.

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