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Another quick Daggy update

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Oct. 7th, 2014 | 08:36 am

After cancelling our cruise this year we've now booked another one for October next year. It's the same cruise line and even the same destination, however, we made the booking through the Cruise expo a month or so back which allowed us to get a couple hundred dollars off the price. One thing is for sure, this time we WILL be going on it.

As for everything else there isn't too much to report. Lynne's had a few health issues of late so we're just working our way through those. I also discovered a lump on my back where I got sunburnt last January and though I had it removed it turned out to be just that, a lump of no significance.

About the only big news is that as of today Con 70 is exactly 6 months away, so you can bet that time will fly pretty fast. We have our table booked for Armageddon which will be our last big promo push at an expo, so we're hoping our table looks good when it's all decked out.

Speaking of which I've now finished the flyer for our Disco.

Discon 70 ad

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