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T'was the night before Con 70

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Mar. 5th, 2015 | 09:50 pm

Well, OK it's two nights away as I write this.

The funny thing is after months and months of working hard on the show, as of right now I've got nothing more to do in terms of organising the event. Tomorrow will obviously be different when I pick up our hired van and start collecting all the gear (stage, AV, displays and so on) and then from tomorrow night we'll be moving at full speed getting things ready.

The only downside to the entire event is the lack of support we've received from the fan community. Con 70 is the only non-profit, non commercialised Sci-Fi MEDIA convention going around, so when I hear people moan and complain about how the ProCon circuit has killed traditional fan Media conventions (note I'm not talking about the pop culture expos which are another matter entirely), it confuses me when a fan run con does pop up, why the numbers for it are low.

Make no mistake, we've had to bust a gut to get the word of Con 70 out there, yet there are still many fans who are staying away even though our convention is the cheapest you'll find (per day) anywhere. I guess this proves fans really DO prefer the ProCon single day setup with the Guests, Autographs, Photographs along with a distinct absence of any substance. In short, there simply is no place for traditional Media cons like Con 70. Ahhh well, if you're a Lit con organiser you'd be having a pretty good laugh right about now.

Con 70 isn't a little fish in a big sea, instead we're a little fish inside a big fish.

In any event in two days we'll be kicking our show off, even though our numbers are far lower than we expected - my poor disco in particular has been hit hard in this area. What I find really ironic is when people say to me "I missed the last one but I'll go to the next one". Ahhhh that's the point of it sunshine, there is NO NEXT ONE!

Anyway, that's the end of my rant, Con 70 here we come! :)

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