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A small triumph for me

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Sep. 24th, 2015 | 09:04 am

As posted on FB the other day, I achieved a very small victory for The Dags. You see I recently completed my very first (and probably only) feature film movie script.

To provide a bit of background. I made a number of short films from around 2000-2012 (many of which were discussed here in LJ). As I was nearing the end of my short film "career", many of my film making colleagues said that there was no future in short films and feature films were the way to go, something I totally agreed with.

So in 2009 I thought about what feature film I could make, I figured instead of trying to create a brand new story it would be far easier to adapt one of my short films. So I opted to combine the antagonist characters from both The Psychology of Killing and Flair: The Psychology of Killing Revisited. I was so sure the film would be made, I even created a trailer for it.

As time went on I realised making a feature film was never going to happen. The industry is too small, too competitive, too expensive and being a rank outsider, I had no chance in getting a film made let alone distributed.

But I was still keen to write the script just to see how it would turn out. Now you must remember I'm only used to writing scripts that are 15 pages long. A feature film needs to be 100 pages as a general rule and this is where I struggled.

Although I had the basic synopsis - thanks also to Scott Middlebrook who was going to co write the film with me - I simply couldn't work out what the characters were supposed to say.

So for years the script had some elements puts down with some text added in (around 30 pages worth - not even halfway), but the bulk of it was just a big blank screen.

But then earlier this year I figured instead of trying to do it all in one go, what if I just wrote it one scene at a time? The idea being I would create individual scenes and then just find a way to link them up.

So that's what happened. I would just say "what if my character was in THIS situation, what would occur?" And from there the rest just flowed and subsequently was much easier to write.

The end result is a 105 page screenplay which I think has turned out quite good. As I said to a friend of mine, I have no idea if it would make for a good movie, but I think as a story it works really well and it certainly captures the essence of what the original short films were about.

As for myself, well I'm particuarly stoked I successfully completed this particular project, especially considering I had writer's block for so many years. As to what will happen to the script now is unknown, but even if nothing more comes from it, I'm still very pleased with the end result.

Yay for me :)

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