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It's a good time to be a Dag - a quick update on things

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Nov. 25th, 2015 | 02:52 pm

I've gotta say that things for me are going pretty good at the moment. Lynne and I recently finished our two week cruise of the South Pacific islands and we enjoyed the trip so much, not only did we cop a bout of Post Cruise Depression, but we could easily have jumped back on board and headed off for another two weeks - though I doubt our cat Lulu would've appreciated our prolonged absence LOL. In any event Lynne and I have agreed that our next trip will be late 2017.

As is to be expected, Star Wars fever is really starting to pick up and at the moment it's cool to be a fan. For this reason, memberships in Star Walking are really starting to flourish, thanks in part to the new $10 membership deal which is something I instigated and pushed for a year ago. For myself this boost in numbers is a good thing as it means the newsletter I edit is reaching a bigger audience which I'm rather pleased about.

In terms of the house, everything is going pretty good. We recently changed our kitchen benchtop from black to white with a grey "streak" through it - which ironically featured on The Block a month or so later. Aside from the outstanding electrical work on our list, we're seriously looking at changing the floors to much lighter colour. Yep, gone are the days where I wanted black for everything.

In terms of my work here at Toyota, a lot of people have asked about my situation and I can now officially say that yes I will be finishing in around mid-late 2017 which is a good thing (I will have clocked up 28 years by then). As to what I'll do next, well that's yet to be fully decided, though as I mentioned to Katharine a short time ago, I'd like to get into an industry where I can use some of my creative talent. For this reason Graphic Design has popped up as a possible direction though in what capacity I don't know.

Now some would suggest film making or the "movie biz" would be more logical based on my experience, but that's a very difficult field to get into and I don't have any formal qualifications. Interestingly enough, if I was prepared to take some acting lessons, I'd have plenty of time up my sleeve to follow that avenue if any gigs were to come up. LOL

Finally, all I have to say is things are going pretty good. My health is good (though I still can't kick the chocolate); I finally got the gap in my tooth fixed by installing a bridge; I've been spending a bit of time recently watching The Walking Dead which I'm enjoying; Con 80 is going quite well - I'm expecting that by this time next year we'll be heading towards the home straight; and on top of this I've been visiting the MSFC for their monthly meetings.

Good times :)

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from: bekytg
date: Dec. 24th, 2015 09:12 am (UTC)

So glad you enjoyed your cruise. We will have to catch up with you and Lynne in 2016.

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