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Jan. 29th, 2016 | 09:23 am

Well the first month of the year is almost complete and already things are starting to take shape.

To kick things off, for the past few months I've been working on the 100th issue of the Star Walking newsletter (The Force) which is due out in a couple of weeks, so I'm rather pleased about that. I know I spend too much time tinkering with the mag as it is, but I do enjoy it even though I'm aware that not everyone in the membership reads it.

In terms of house changes we have three major things planned for the year. One is the installation of ceiling fans throughout the house for the warmer weather, including the pergola outside (oh did I mention we now have a BBQ! It's a small electrical one but it works great). I've never really liked ceiling fans but I can definitely see the benefit of them so by next Summer we'll have them installed for sure.

The next thing is the electrical makeover which is something we've been considering for a while - we need a lot of new powerpoints and stuff.

Finally there's the floorboards. No kidding we were one inch away from organsing a quote from Masters when we discovered the colour we picked had an issue with it (the floor joins/seams would be visible which we didn't want), so we left the store really frustrated only to learn the very next day Masters was in danger of closing down. Talk about being an omen!

Next to all this is my fitness and well being. I've always known I don't do enough cardio exercise, so at the end of last year I started walking a bit more with some Cliff Young inspired jogging (shuffling) tossed in - I can't actually run or jog due to shin splint issues. Next to this I have successfully been able to cut down my daily chocolate intake which was getting out of control for a while. I've also stopped drinking my one cup of coffee at work to reduce my sugar intake.

Has it all helped me? Yeah I think so, but I'm also fighting genetics too as I have some excess weight I simply can't shift. Still, I'm happy knowing this isn't doing me any harm.

Finally I have Con 80. At the end of February we have a stall booked at a local collectors fair which will kick off our official promotions for the event. Considering the con is now only a year and two months away, my focus on it will no doubt increase soon enough.

So in all I'm in a pretty good place. Lynne is great, Lulu is great and I'm doin' what Daggy's do best. 2016 is lookin' good already :)

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